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Here is where you'll find all the info you need for being a stall holder at Sydney Vegan Market, including social media tiles & legal requirements


Stall Holder Guide

We've put together a stall holder guide that details every little teeny thing you need to know about trading at Sydney Vegan Market. From compliance to bump in/out procedures and the rest. We got you.


Food + Beverage Management Plan

This is for all food + beverage vendors trading at Sydney Vegan Market. It covers all the bits and pieces you need to comply with so you're up to scratch with the Food Safety Act 

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Social Media

We have a stack of Social Media tiles for you to use to promo the heck out of the market! Don't forget to tag us!

Instagram: @sydneyveganmarket


Twitter: @sydveganmarket

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Other Resources

Click below for other resources that you may find interesting or important. They are deeply boring but hey, sometimes we gotta go through the boring stuff to reach the exciting stuff!