We are excited to launch a new initiative that focuses on emerging artists and start ups in the eco & sustainability sectors

The beginning of something new

We have always been about supporting vegan businesses, and now SVM is ready to provide emerging artists and start ups an opportunity that can’t be missed!

TheDISTRICT aims to showcase artists, designers and makers that are focused on sustainable practices and environmental awareness.

We are excited about this new initiative and can't wait to see TheDISTRICT transform Heritage Park into a wonderland of opportunity

Expressions of Interest are now open so fill out the form below and let’s start chatting!

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Facebook and Instagram accepted
Are you a start up
We accept applications from artists, designers and makers that have been running for less than 12 months
Do you have insurance
You will need product & public liability cover up to $20mil, market stall insurance can be obtained through various insurance companies
Provide as much detail as possible Please note: your entire range must be 100% vegan
Please note that we have limited availability in each category
Stall fees
We are proud to offer a 20% fee discount for TheDISTRICT for the first 3 months
You will need to bring all equipment necessary to trade
This includes: - a 3x3m tent - tables - tablecloths - A trolley to cart stall to site
SVM runs the third Sunday of every month
By submitting "yes" to the below you understand that:
Trading at SVM doesn't guarantee you a spot for all future events